Day 9. Your own idea for a challenge.

Hello, good morning, good evening or good afternoon, wherever you are in the world!

Today's challenge is a challenge where you're supposed to come up with your own idea for a challenge. So today I want to tell you guys about my morning routine. I'm also going to give you an advice or two that may will help you in the early hours of the day. Let the article begin.


Having a routine is very important if you want to start of your day nice and calm. It also makes you less stressed, because when you have your routine figured out, then you don't need to worry every single day by thinking: "oh, and then I have to remember to do that and that". In that way a routine also helps you to get motivated, because when you know what needs to be done, then everything will seem more manageable. That's why I need my morning routine.

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For me it's really important to have a good among of time in the morning, so I don't have to stress around. I like when I can have nice, calm morning where it's me who decide the speed. I always make sure to have at least an hour to get ready in, because that is the time I need. So if you are lacking on you-time in the morning, then there are small thing you can do to give yourself more time.

You can for example pack your things in the evening and even get up a little earlier if that's what it takes.

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I'm not 100% awake before I've had a big cup of steaming tea. At the moment I'm drinking cream tea, which is a delicious black tea, and I will definitely recommend it.

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I need food to get energy, and I really need my energy in the morning. I think we all do. Of course, if you you're not hungry in the morning, you should just wait with eating your breakfast. If possible, you can take it with you, and then eat it later. At the moment I'm having oatmeal for breakfast, and it keeps me full for hours.
So find out what works best for you.

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Cleansing my face

Another thing that makes me more awake in the morning is to cleanse my face.
I start out by using some skintonic in my face and then I splash some cold water in it afterwards. I finish off with a nice face lotion, and then I repeat before I'm going to bed in the evening.
It is super important to cleanse your face one to two times every day, because your skin regenerate itself when you sleep, and it's way more easier for your skin to breathe, if you have helped it first by cleansing it. Is that cool or what?

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Fresh air

I always prefer to walk or ride my bike, when I'm going to school. I just love the crispy air in the morning, and that it's a free, little workout at the same time.
The fresh air that surrounds you also helps you to feel more awake and ready for the new day that is ahead of you.

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I hope you enjoyed this article.
See you soon!


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