Hi everyone, this is my first article ever so I hope you like it !
I'm going to show you my current playlist, and many songs I love listening to :-)

blackbear - do re mi

I've been listening to this song way too much ! I just love the voice of the singer and I recomand this song.

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julia michaels - issues

I do actually really like this song, the melody is so sweet and the girl is so cute !

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dead to me - melanie martinez

Melanie Martinez is my favourite singer since she started the Cry Baby album, so I had to put one of her songs in my playlist.

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kendrick lamar - DNA

I mainly listen to rap songs and I always loved kendrick lamar's raps so here's one I enjoy.

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tupac - baby don't cry

Sorry, but I had to go back to the gold age of rap. Tupac is just the best!

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mura masa - love$ick ft a$ap rocky

A$ap rocky is one of my favourite rappers, I love this song he made with mura masa and I actually like the lyrics too.

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lana del rey - white mustang

I just started listening to this song but I kinda like it already (lol, you're going to tell me it's the only brand new song i listen to, and that's real!)

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rim'k - rose noire

If you're a frenchie or you would like to discover french rap/rnb here's a brand new song I like, made by rim'k. You can check out his other songs as well.

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thanks for reading
I hope you enjoyed my article and discovered some songs. Bye!