These are some quotes that I can relate to and I think everyone can relate to it as well. These quotes are about heartbreaks, not being good enough, not loving yourself, etc.

1. "I need to stop getting my hopes up, because I know I always get hurt in the end."

2. "I hate the fact you make it seem like I actually have a chance with you, but then reality sets in."

3. "I don't think people understand how stressful it is to explain what's going on in your head when you don't even understand it yourself."

4. "You'd take him back in a heartbeat if he asked you to. And that's the fucking problem. That's what keeps you from moving on."

5. "The worst feeling is pretending you don't care about something when it's really all you think about."

6. "Isn't it sad when even your own family doesn't really know who you are?"

7. Have you ever cried because you are.. you?"

8. "It hurts when you watch someone you love love someone else, doesn't it?"

9. "I'v had my heart broken by a boy I never even dated."

10. "One minute I think I'm fine, the next minute I feel like I'm dying."

11. "You said you'd never leave me."

12. "Everyone promises a forever until they find someone better."

13. "Did you plan to hurt me from the start or did you just not give a fuck?"

14. "I need to stop thinking about you, because I know you're not thinking about me."

15. "I'm sorry for not being who you wanted me to be. You'll never know how much I tried."