So what's your first thought when you see an emo nearby yourself? What do you really think of him or her?
I should say, emo is a short form of emotional, not depressed or something wrong meaning. Yeah, we sometimes think our lives are meaningless and I feel the same way now, but I'd say that's not mean we want to kill ourselves. We just wanna be different, wanna share with the outside that we are the same but with more emotions. Emos are often the kindest people you have ever met.

Emos also can be positive and happy, but they are alternative mostly, and they only can see the problems with life and others. But not in every meaning. I was just describing myself and my lonely thoughts.

So what about my life? Why am I so pessimistic?
I have heard loads of lies from people I really loved. My life is a disappointment, so not good at all. But tryna make myself at the positive way soon. :D

Hey throw me a heart if you agree, or if you're an emo :)
and thanks for viewing my article!!

Au revoir :)