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Day 8
What are five passions you have?

1) Reading
I love reading it is addicting to me from paper books to internet to wattpad to why itis so nice living in another world another place another human opinion it is a very nice thin and here are my favorite books:

  • Confess by Colleen Hoover
  • The siren by Kierra Cass
  • The fault in our stars by John Green
  • Girl online series by Zoe Sugg
  • The jewel series by Amy Ewing
  • The selection series by Kierra Cass
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2) Writing
I love writing so much and enjoy it I always to try to learn about writing in a fun way and writing here Whi is one of the best things I really enjoy doing and I want to always do this. I really want to publish one book at least in my life, one day.

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Fashion is one of the biggest and most important things nowadays an enjoy putting clothes together an draw dress and outfits. Drawing dresses that are inspred by what you feel or have gone through is amazing. I want to have couple items of my own.

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Traveling is a way to learn new things and have fun while doing it I haven't traveled a lot actually but I am planning to do in the future because I love doing it a lot and traveling on short trips opens your mind new culture and traditions that you will love.

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its kind of a hobby I am passionate about and enjoy doing but my family says that I am a horrible singer but I am taking lessons to make it better and I am so happy about it. This is a list of my favorite artists with their best songs:

Shawn Mendes
1)Bad reputation
2)Bring t back
3)like this
4)no promises
5)treat you better

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Charlie puth
3)We don't talk anymore ft. Selena Gomez
4)One call away
5)My gospel

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Demi Lovato
1)Sorry not sorry
2)Tell me you love me
3)Heart attack
4)Neon lights
5)You don't do it for me anymore

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Justin Bieber
2)What do you mean?
3)Let me love
4)Love yourself

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Selena Gomez
2)Come and get it
3)Same old love
4)Hands to myself
5)Kill em with kindness

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Hope you liked it this was really long to do so yeah.

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