I want so much to leave this stupid place.
I'd like to live in the woods where the society and its ridiculous ideas can't reach me.
I always wanted to travel the World.
Maybe i should go from countries to countries and never stop moving.
Running off the societies of this planet.
I won't never make me friends and never find a lover. I'll be alone. But on my own. And i'll be the only one to decide for my life.
I guess i'm a bad liar. It's impossible.
Not without what makes this world turn - Money.
Then maybe my life will be summarized to work for years, wandering and waiting for the time i'll have enough money to leave definetely.
I don't think i could succced. Sacrifcing years and years in a job and never live for the present.
Maybe i'm gonna die soon.
And then all will be done. Ending those incessants questionnings. Leaving me in a profond peace.