1.Fall in love with someone who calls you beautiful like it’s your name.

2. Wake up with a smile even if you don't feel like it.

3.Drink water.

4. Look at yourself and repeat the word beautiful.

5. Take walks alone.

6. Listen to your favorite songs.

7. Eat

8.Sing even though you cant.

9. Draw/ paint even though you cant.

10. Go on picnics alone.

11. Read poetry.

12. Feed the birds.

13. Sleep.

14. Watch your favorite movies.

15. Write poems, even if you cant.

16. Radiate love.

17. Buy candles with different smells.

18. Know you are loved even in your worst moments.

19. Know that you are worthy and needed.

20. Stop and take a look at the sky. Notice how you are alive right now - your breathing, the blood pumping through your veins. Cold air against your skin, the color of leaves and the smell of the earth after rain. You deserve this life.