i just came from school and the first thing i wanted to do is writing an article
it's the first time i will be talking about myself cause no one actually wants to know what i think or what i feel .
every one in school thinks i'm cool and alright cause i don't speak about what hurts me ...

i always feel different , all the girls are so mean .
i don't mean in that that i'm the only kind girl
but every person i meet has to make me sad in a way
i just think in my mind about what they are just saying
and when i get sad i can see the smile in there faces

for BOYS i hate how rude they are. they like to bully me ...
i wish i can kill them someday. i always pray to god to give me the power to do that .

the only thing that makes me strong is remembering the positive things like :

i don't care if you don't like me cause my mom thinks i'm the prettiest girl in the world

and i also remember the friends that loves me

this is how i find my power .

so my order for you guys is not a heart or a follow i just want you to know and feel where your power lives and always remember to think about the positive side .

now i feel better after writing this
thank you for reading :)