Be inspired by some spooky ideas to celebrate the most magical time of the year with your friends.
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this article helps you to organize an unforgettable haunting night by listing fun partyelements


little things
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there are no rules - just have fun preparing and remember "enjoy the litte things in life"
D(o) I(t) Y(ourself)
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you don't have to be rich to fill your home with magic


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some sweets to calm your friends after paranormal experiences


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get cozy and watch your favorite movies together
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carve or decorate some pumpkins and get creative with this traditional activity
trick or treat
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relive your childhood experiences by getting silly with your friends
tea gossip
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warm yourself up with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, while exchanging horror stories and eating sweets on the sly
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transform your squad into spooky creatures, take selfies and make memories together
"where there is no imagination there is no horror"
- Arthur Conan Doyle
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