Hey guys,so I thought a lot,so I decided to talk about my first kiss.

*This year on August 8th was the anniversary of my first kiss.Sadly,over three days after that,the guy broke up with me and broke my heart.
The kiss was weird,actually.It is not like in movies.It depends how you want to kiss,but I warn you,the first french will be so awkward:))For me it was,because the guy,I will call him Willy was like :Do that,no,like that...And I mistakenly kissed his nose.He bragged a lot about his experience..weirdly..he is shorter and skinnier than me.But after my lips touched his,and I felt nothing so special.It was like I knew this isn't gonna get anywhere,no future together.
*Anyways,I still see this guy at school...he told all his friends about me and they give me grins and stuff,making jokes...Good thing he's in his final year.
SOoo,this is my first kiss experience.Girls..be careful of what boys you choose.