Sorry for all the mistakes I'm gonna make, English isn't my first language…

Teddy seems to be so cool and rebel; he's got blue hair, piercings and wears practically all the time his leather jacket. But when you get to know him, he's all hard-working and loyal and nice, a head boy, great student and just so Hufflepuff.

Victoire looks like a stereotypical popular girl. She got Veela blood and long, blonde hair, and when you first meet her you think: "she's so the giggling girl at the back of the class, surrounded by all her friends and admirers." But then she turns out to be so smart and brave and unique and quick-witted, 'cause after all, she's a Ravenclaw, and her parents are Bill and Fleur, who both are good-looking and hot, but also smart and wise (triwizard tournament competitor and a curse breaker, come on)

So they both break stereotypes like that pretty blond girls are stupid, and "cool" guys are ill-mannered and will treat girls badly. Because their relationship is so happy and healthy, and Bill&Fleur totally accept it because they see themselves in Vic and Teddy, and they are so great for each other <3