The Moment I Knew That Would Eventually Come Finally Came.

It Was Our Day Again And We Met Six Weeks Ago.

When I Arrived I Saw You Already Sitting On Our Bench.

I Took A Seat Beside You, You Smiled.

The Vibe Was A Little Different, You Were Acting Nervous.

I Just Acted As If I Didn’t Notice, I Was Rambling About Stuff That Happened At School, Suddenly You Stop Me.

You Start Talking, Telling Me Exactly How You Feel.

Even Though I Knew Exactly How I Felt About You, The Question You Asked Me Still Shocked Me.

Will You Be My Girlfriend?

It Took Me A Minute To Reply, Although I Have Been Expecting This Question.

Yes, Yes Was My Answer To Your Question, You Kissed Me.

( Part four of "The Times I Saw You.", more parts coming soon!!)
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