Hello everyone ! September has come already and fall is about to start ! Here are some questions that I really enjoyed to answer :)

1-What is your favorite thing about autumn ?
My favorite thing about autumn is of course the WEATHER !!! I'm not the type of person who enjoys hot weather so autumn is perfect for me ...

2-Favorite drink
I cannot say that I'm the person who likes coffee rather than tea , but most days I drink coffee . Specially TURKISH COFFEE !!! But there are days that I prefer a herbal tea :)

3-Best lipstick
These days I'm in love with COVERGIRL - TEMPTING COFFEE (255) . It does not give that brown color but it is a good color to wear daily :)

4-Favorite music to listen
Again , I'm in love with DEAN - What 2 Do ft. Crush . This song is AMAZING , just saying...

5-Favorite outifit to wear
To me , autumn means BOOTS !!! Every year I wait for BOOTS WEATHER !!!

6-Favorite place to be
I'm a college student and I miss my home so much . So whatever happens , my favorite place to be is MY HOME . However , I love our campus so much, too .

7-Favorite snack
Since we do not celebrate holloween or any other special days (related to fall ) in my country , we do not have many snacks related to fall . But I enjoy eating apples :)

By the way , I hearted the cover photo so you can find the owner :)