Hi beautiful people, the other day I made a new article; „ BLOG 5 – Autumn fashion“, this blog is a continue up. I'm gonna make your life easier and suggest some make up styles and some accessories.
Hope you'll enjoy ❤


Neutral lip colour

mac, makeup, and lipstick image mac, lipstick, and makeup image makeup, lipstick, and beauty image

Dark lip colour

makeup, lipstick, and mac image mac, makeup, and lipstick image chanel, lipstick, and makeup image


Earth tones

Image by g beautiful, beauty, and look image makeup, eyes, and beauty image

Dark smokey eyes

makeup, eyes, and make up image makeup, eyebrows, and eye image makeup image


Natural brows

elsa hosk, model, and beauty image eyes, eye, and eyebrows image


Natural curls hair

Inspiring Image on We Heart It back, black, and blond image

Natural straight hair

hair, hairstyle, and blonde image blonde, hair, and pretty image

Messy bun

girl image beauty, body, and fall image


nails, rings, and blue image black and nails image fashion, style, and jeans image girl, style, and black image



Image by spookybaska earrings, gold, and jewelry image Image by ◡̈⃝♡ ᵁᴱᴺᴼ ᴶᵁᴿᴵ earrings, gold, and jewellery image


accessories, bae, and couples image girls, jewelry, and gold image accessories, choker, and fashion image Image by ~MelaninBaby~


rings, nails, and style image babe, classy, and glamour image accessories image


Image by ♡ ναℓєитιиα beauty, girly, and style image accessories, fashion, and girl image
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