First things first, where is the goddamn love? What happend with it? and where did it go because we really need it in this world.

People kill and people are dying. { Black eyed peas - wheresthelove }

I absolutly can't stop listen to this song since i've been to Barcelona this summer. Something in me changed, why? Because i saw what it did with the city. I really did feel the vibe that was going on. I think it was a week after the assessment. I was one vacation in a place an houre from Barcelona and i really wanted to see the city. But the only thing what i saw was people with a board with quotes i didn't underestand becaus it was not english. And i guess somewhere in me, it did touched my heart.

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I don't really know where to start with this one, but i hope you wil heart this in many ways so a lot of people will read this. Why? Because i want the world to show some love. Show some love to put a heart on this one, even it's a simpel article. I think the world needs to know there is love.

Everything that happend in the last few years, i really didn't worry that mutch about it in the first place. Ofcourse i did feel bad, but in the end i did move on really fast with my life and just forgot about it. And i think that is the biggest mistake everybode makes. I think we just need to care a little bit more about the world, about we people and about the love we can share. About the memorie we can have and about the moment we did something about it.

What is next?

I hope nothing, but i guess we all know the anwser. I hope the world wil be in peace one day. That we wil find the love back, so we can show it to the world again.