✨If I meet God, I’ll tell him that this life is a coffee I never ordered.
— Rap Monster | Always

✨I’m living because I can’t die.
— So Far Away || Min Yoongi

✨I want to be the moon. Bring the light to the people who are walking in the dark.
— B.A.P, Moon Jungup

✨In the moment of my failure, will someone hold my hand?
— Rap Monster

✨Work until your idols become your rivals.
--- G-Dragon

✨Time that has passed can’t be caught again
What’s the use of saving up the moment
If you’re not gonna take responsibility for me
— Monsta X “Oi”

✨I’m tired of everything now
So I get mad at the smallest things

✨Mess with the Jacko, you get the smacko
— Jackson Wang, G7

✨ I really hate two faced people. It’s hard to choose which face to slap first.
— Yong Junhyung - B2ST

✨If I’m not going to marry that person, I will never go public with a relationship out of respect for that person’s life…

✨Don’t confuse my attitude with my personality. My personality is who I am, my attitude depends on who you are.
— Min, Miss A

✨I Am Just Me. I’m Not An Idol. I’m Not An Artist. I’m Not Hip Hop, Not Anything. I Am Just Me. I Am Rap Monster. I Am Kim Namjoon.
— Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon), Bangtan Boys

✨From the outside, i seem happy a lot. But I’m a human, its not possible to always be happy.
— Bom (2ne1)

✨I hope that you enjoy a meaningful life which will become a great foundation that could deck your future self out.
It’s OK to fail or succeed. Don’t get frustrated and don’t be arrogant.
— Kim Jaejoong ♡

✨“If you continue to dream, if you never abandon your dream, it will come true in the end.”
- Junsu of JYJ

✨Idols, even if they have been stabbed in the back, they can only look forward at their fans, they cannot look behind. Even if their backs have been badly scarred and mutilated, they definitely cannot look back. Because once they look back, the fans in front of them will see the wounds and they will cry.”
-Lee Hyukjae