There are millions of wonderful accounts on whi and in this article I will introduce you to my favorite accounts. If you want me to check out your account please write me a postcard!! I love discovering new accounts. :)

If you love bands, especially twenty one pilots, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and The 1975, this account will become one of your favorites! Sofía hearts nice pictures of bands, series and other music artists and has many awesome collections.

concert, edit, and music image concert, edit, and music image

I really like the diversity of her account, she does not only heart images of bands and music artists but also articles, "aesthetic/tumblr" images, nice quotes and more.

quotes, flowers, and pain image travel, sky, and clouds image

You like "aesthetic", maybe a bit more dark pictures, books and bands? Then give her account a go. She has a lot of collections that have pictures that fit to the theme of tv series and that's very cool when you love the theme of a show and want to check out similar images.

b&w, black & white, and car image book, charlie, and introvert image

Funny pictures, memes, quotes, positive images and Supernatural content, a good mixture in my opinion and a great account to check out if you want to smile.

Temporarily removed quotes and inspiration image

You like 80's/90's aesthetic or "aesthetic/tumblr" content in general? This account is for you! I'm in love with the pictures she hearts and when I look at her account I wanna throw on a damaged pink denim jacket and visit a rollerskate disco with my friends while listening to Nirvana.

hair, pink, and hairstyle image cat, girl, and black image

So that's it for now! You can recommend me accounts you like via postcard! :)