I'm not the type of person who likes these internet challenges, but this one seemed entertaining. :) So, here we go. :)

1. Your favorite character:

- Mulan

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2. Your favorite princess:

- Belle

disney, beauty and the beast, and love image

3. Your favorite heroin:

- Mulan

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4. Your favorite prince:

- Simba

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5. Your favorite hero:

- Prince Philipp

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6. Your favorite animal:

- Flounder

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7. Your favorite sidekick:

-Jaq and Olaf

disney, jaq, and cinderella 3 image frozen, olaf, and quotes image

8. Your favorite villain:

- Maleficent

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9. Your favorite original character:

- Daisy Duck

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10. Your favorite song:

- Tale as old as time, Be a man, Not one of us

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11. Your favorite love song:

- Tale as old as time, We are one, Can you feel the love tonight

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12. Your favorite villain song:

-The Mob song

13. Your least favorite song:

-In a world of my own

alice, alice in wonderland, and butterfly image

14. Your favorite kiss:

-Belle and the Prince

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15. The first movie you ever saw:

-Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland, alice, and disney image

16. Your favorite classic movie:

-Beauty and the beast, than Mulan, Lion King 2, Peter Pan...

disney, beauty and the beast, and rose image disney, gif, and hug image Image removed disney image

17. Your least favorite classic:

-Alice in Wonderland


18. Your favorite Pixar film:

-Monsters Inc.

adios, boo, and disney image

19. Your least favorite Pixar film:


20. Your favorite sequel:

-Lion King 2

disney, kiara, and kovu image

21. An overrated movie:

- Sleeping Beauty, Snow White

disney, aurora, and gif image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

22. An underrated movie:


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23. A movie that makes you laugh:

- Mulan

disney, funny, and gif image

24. A movie that makes you cry:

- Lion King Part 1

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25. Your favorite scene from the movie:

Temporarily removed Mature image 1998, china, and disney image disney, frases, and mulan image china, disney, and gif image mulan and disney image disney, frases, and mulan image
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26. Saddest death:

- Mufasa

africa, cartoon, and dad image sad, help, and disney image

27. Your favorite quote:

beauty and the beast, belle, and quotes image disney, beauty and the beast, and rose image Abusive image disney, quote, and mulan image mulan, disney, and funny image Temporarily removed friends, piglet, and forever image Temporarily removed quotes, disney, and winnie the pooh image disney, pooh, and quotes image

28, 29, 30.