hi, friends .so in the fall many of us starts school, college, work, and because of this we often stress, a headache and a bad mood. but here's my tips on how warm and good you can spend time in the fall.

  • first, get or re-read a favorite book. Imagine a cold autumn evening and you with a book, wrapped in a blanket, enjoying the whole atmosphere
  • secondly, I want to mention sweaters. seriously fall without your favorite very warm sweater this is not the fall. and if you haven't got one of this make sure you buy it yourself. shopping is like a sport only better.
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  • now personally, my favorite is red or any other dark shades of lipsticks you've got. I believe that these shades just scream "autum".
  • time for a drink. it can be tea, hot chocolate, cocoa, coffee, mulled wine, anything. drink it in the evening, watching your favorite show or movie.
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  • and the last your favorite TV series or movie . personally, I have the autumn series is of course the "gossip girl" without him it ain't the fall. you can start watching some new TV series or movie, the main thing that you really enjoyed that.

I hope you enjoyed this article and you will appreciate it. wish everyone a good day. peace and love.