Hello, I’m BeautyBabe1135 and this is my second article for WHI.
Things that suck about society are rumours and gossip, one little joke with your friends can grow and possibly become a ‘meme’. Whether it’s something small like ‘Oh my gosh, Josephine has a wart on her toe’ or something huge like ‘did you hear? Josephine sends nudes!’ From what I’ve learnt, this isn’t just something that happens with girls, boys are just as bad. I thought I might as well address the bullshit people must go through every day.
With technology constantly updating and evolving, there become more and more ways to share gossip. Whether it be something public like Instagram or Facebook, or something private like Snapchat DM and iMessage, it will still spread just as quickly. The nasty truth about gossip is that it doesn’t just go away, in elementary school a simple ‘Josie has a crush on a boy’ can embarrass poor Josie. (Disclaimer; if you are a Josie, this is not directed at you). Whereas in the more developed age groups, ‘Josie touched another guy, she’s dating someone else though’ can easily tarnish their reputation. One scary reality everyone must face in their lifetime is sexting, I am warning you to never send pictures of your body to someone else. Even if it is your partner, it can easily be intercepted and spread all over the internet. For hackers, it’s like learning the alphabet.
However, something innocent like ‘tagging’ a friend in a post can impact their professional lives. Say ‘Josie’ was tagged in a photo from a fun party 3 or 4 years ago, then she applies for a job and the employer rejects her because the photo made her seem unappealing. It just takes a simple google search people. Next time Josie applies for a job; the employer rejects her again because she didn’t seem fit for the job. You could be the smartest, most compassionate or most friendly human being on the planet, but you can still be turned down because of one picture that makes you seem irresponsible. It’s a butterfly effect. So, next time you consider tagging someone in a post, always ask them first because it could impact them down the track.
Something that can be triggered by cyber-bullying is face-to-face bullying. As someone who has experienced this before you can trust me. I was a victim of peer-pressure, cyber-bullying, bullying, gossip, rumours and almost depression because of one person. One thing that made it worse was the fact that it was on a group chat, and no one did anything about it. If you are ever in an experience like this and have any questions, comment on this article and I will happily answer them. One thing you should do is remain calm, don’t react and be the bigger person. Call them out on their crap and tell someone you trust immediately. Block them, erase their contact and if you see them face-to-face stay polite and kind with them, it’ll piss them off. I’m quoting Selena Gomez right now: Kill Em With Kindness.
Thank you for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed.
Thank you again, BeautyBabe1135