So this is my first article so sorry if its like horrible but I'm just like gonna rant kinda so yeah. (BAHAHAHA I'm so awkward).

What is the difference between a friend and a best friend?

- so a 'friend' is a person you connect with and spend some time with, right?
- and a 'best friend' is someone that feels like there family and that are basically you in another person?

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'best friends'

What if I feel like I have a best friend but also don't. She is the closest person to me but I feel like we no longer laugh together anymore. I feel as if we might just still be 'best friends' because we don't really have anyone else.

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don't have anyone else

We never share secrets anymore, we never have those laughing fits where you can breath anymore. We just seem different. I'm not quiet sure why though.

We still hang out a lot though, if one of use have a day off of school whee dead ass lonely even though our other friends and during the summer holidays were hanging out. So I'm not sure if I'm just overthink things or like jealous because I feel like she talks to this other girl where friends with a lot. I MEAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD WE TAG EACH OTHER IN A MEME MAYBE ONCE A WEEK.

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I don't know as I write this it all clicks in my mind and everything seems but I still have a feeling crawling into a ball because things don't seem the same. I think I'm gonna wait till schools back to see if its all good with out drama everywhere.

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I just feel a little lonely and I feel like I can't talk to my best friend about it :(.

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I don't know where to go from here, do I do updates on the situation, do I do more articles on friendships? Comment, Private Message me if you guys would like to.
Always here for anyone that needs to chat xoxo.