I don't know what I mean to You , sometimes You're so nice to me , Sometimes You ignore to me , I'm so tired really of mixed signals you've been sending me , I want things to be clear now , I want to know everything , I want to know if You really consider me just a friend given that I'm totally in love with You , I want to know what I mean to You , I want to know if there's objection about relationship concept or objection on being in relationship with Me ?

Speaking such words is never easy thing for me , Honest words coming from heart are always hardest to say , I've tried to hold on my thoughts for so long , I tried to keep it inside me , I tried to control but You can't control it when its too much , at some point your feelings control You . Maybe You aren't ready to be in relationship now and I shall respect that and wait for You ; Bcoz That's You ! You're the one I want ! The one I dream about every night , The one who never left my thoughts since I first saw you .

If You chose me then I'll never give up on You and I promise to take care of You and Love you forever and ever , But if You rejected me then I shall respect that and never annoy You anymore .
To sum it up ,
Is there a chance for -Us- to happen ?