Hello, this is my first article for WHI so please do not scrutinize too harshly.
I've encountered many different types of friends, the sporty, the girly, the popular, the geek, the goth, the jock and the bitch. One thing many people don't realise is that you can be a really nice person, and still be friends with the complete opposite. Your best friend could be one of the nicest people in the world and you could pick on people for fun. However, it is a better decision to be friends with people that could ruin your reputation or get you into trouble.
Many people wonder, what is a genuine 'BFF'? Do you have one? Here are some ways to tell:
- you have countless inside jokes.
- you can always be brutally honest with each other.
- you will laugh at their expense, but support them all the way through.
- if you are having a bad day they will always make you smile.
- you may not have known each other for long, but you connect so easily.
- you can relate to each other on an unusual level.
If you do have a friendship like this, it is very likely you guys are BFF's. The second type of friend is a 'good friend', someone you can rely on and trust but is only a step above from an acquaintance.
- they will always ask you about your day.
- they will laugh at most of your jokes.
- they will compliment you, even if it's completely out of the blue.
- they seem like they're always trying to stay on your good side.
- you don't have many inside jokes.
- you have to be careful when paying each other out.
The third type of friend is one you have to be careful around. One who you should really consider whether or not they are a 'friend'.
- you feel like you have to impress them.
- they won't share much with you.
- they are very reserved around you.
- they will laugh at your expense, but not in a good way.
- they just don't really seem like a friend.
- they seem like they take advantage of you.
If you are in a friendship like this, really consider hanging out with them.
Anyway, that's my first article, I've shared my experiences and tips. I hope you appreciate them.
Thank you, BeautyBabe1135