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"Ever since we met, I've known that we are special. That the way we talk and laugh around eachother is different than everybody else. That I will never meet anyone I can trust as much as you and I think most people search their wholes lives to find what we've already found."

September 21, 2017

Tomorrow the 2 week project will sadly come to an end. I've really hated this project but I met someone and we are getting closer each day! I use to freeze when I spoke to him and once I got over that our first conversation was on printing and printers... I know not to special but it's a start.

Today was the BEST! I just sat down and he pulled up a seat right next to me that our shoulders were touching and A didn't even try to seperate us like per usual. As my friend Al had choir later that day we had to find someone who wanted to fill in her part for his puppet play! I know it sounds lame but just let me continue what I have to say...
At first it was Ash and then it went to J and then to Ja and OML, Ja trying to fill in at last minute to play the main character was absolutely halarious!

He kept saying Corroboree wrong and Romeo kept correcting him, Ja also kept making the backgrounds fall over and this was the most funniest part... "Men turn women on" was written in the script and I had absolutely no clue! Al wrote it and she doesn't even know what it means as she is of Chinese tongue not English! So we were just cracking up laughing and to be honest I really hope they didnt see me on record on the film we were making...

The whole time whilst I was laughing Romeo was looking at me whilst laughing and after the performance we had to set up for this expo thing for tomorrow.... I was talking to my friend and I said I was crying from laughing soo hard and therefore my eyes were black from my mascara and Romeo was about to leave but he listened in and he smiled.

Tomorrow is coming up real fast and I really hope he will ask me out due to the fact of the chemistry I think and others think of us and ALSO that he always blocks my way and his friends always say do it to him and he just smiles and backs out. Even if he doesn't ask me out, I have an intention to do so myself over the holidays!

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