On WHI Talks, we're sitting down with We Heart It team members to get to know them a little better and learn more about their experience working at WHI. This week we’re chatting with Outi, our Community & Content Strategy Manager from Finland.

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Q: Outi! Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are from.

A: Hi! I’m Outi and I’m from Finland. I grew up with my 3 siblings, a horse and a house full of animals. I’m a really happy, encouraging person that wants to bring happiness to life because I know what it is like to go through the struggles. My background is in Fashion; I’ve studied the industry and created my own clothing company before I joined the WHI team. I’m also really into building brands and working with visuals and aesthetics. My musical taste variates from classic to hip-hop and drum'n bass to pop.

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Q: What is your favorite way to be creative in your everyday life?

A: My favorite way to be creative is by traveling. I like exploring new places, going on road trips, and enjoying the feeling of freedom. Every summer when I was a child, I traveled through Europe and Scandinavia with my family, and the car rides really became my happy place. I’ve seen the mountains, the Northern Lights, and have come to really appreciate nature's beauty. I fell in love with Australia and want to go back for another visit soon, I was amazed by its' culture and the nature there. I also can't stop dreaming about Iceland’s black beaches.

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Q: What is your inspiration and how do you keep yourself inspired?

A: As a highly visual and sensitive person, I see things clearly and feel everything deeply. My daily life is full of little details to be inspired by.

I get easily inspired by a variety of things. I go to the city when I want to be inspired by people, art, smart conversations, and the latest trends. During other times, I go to the forest to seek peace and soak in the beauty of nature. I get inspired both ways, from glamorous high-end fashion to nature's rainy days.

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Q: How did you initially hear about WHI and how do you use the platform?

A: I heard about We Heart It in 2012 and joined as a member soon after that. I mainly used WHI to download inspiring images on my computer to look at. Now, I'm using it daily for work purposes and to also get inspired during my free time.

I'm usually hearting images of the life I aspire to live one day, and things I've already accomplished. I also like to heart motivational words, fashion, and all things about life. My canvas is a mixture of fashion, romance, ballet, wanderlust, and quotes. I hope to inspire my followers on a daily basis.

I highly recommend checking out some of my collections:

Lately, I’ve fallen in love with writing Articles too.

Q: How did you land your job at WHI?

A: A long time ago, I remember dreaming about working for a company like WHI. I always hoped for a job where I could get the opportunity to work with images and visuals.

One day, my sister sent me a link to the Finnish Community Coordinator job posting. Even though my English skills weren’t perfect and I was always afraid to speak in English, I took the chance and applied.

When I got to know the people from WHI, I knew that I’ve found the right place. I did everything that I could to get the chance to work with like-minded individuals. I waited a couple of weeks to find out my interview results and was so glad to hear that they’ve decided to choose me.

After that, I’ve enjoyed almost every day working with my team, as they are a group of enthusiastic and smart girls from around the world.

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Q: What does your typical day look like?

A: As I’m working, I constantly want to inspire people and use my visual skills to make someone’s day feel a little better. The first thing I do once I'm fully awake is researching current trends because I truly enjoy that part of my job and it’s my passion. Then I go on to figuring out the topics our audience might be interested in. As I’m creating content for our Facebook page, I start thinking as a ”Facebook girl” and ask myself what type of content would they like to see come up on their Facebook feeds.

I also spend my days curating other canvases/channels on WHI and creating as much inspiring content as possible. One of the best parts of my role is chatting with our members because all of them are so passionate, positive, and unique.

If you are interested in reading more about my working habits, check out this article I wrote:
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Q: What are your career interests and how have your goals changed over time?

A: I have always been a high performer who has a lot of things going for her in life. Many of my dreams were accomplished by none other than working really hard. I love learning new things and building my knowledge for personal growth. I like the freedom of working remotely because I have the ability to design my work schedule around my daily life. Whether it’s waking up super early or staying up late to dance in the kitchen - all while working.

I think my goals have evolved over time. Nowadays, I want to work with enthusiastic people and learn from different cultures. What has changed the most is that I really love working together with a team and not producing any material waste to this planet.

My advice to you is to work hard and always dream big.