Imma go ahead and do this, dont know if anyone will be interested in this but im just going to do it


1. Full Name

Im just going to say my name is Amanda but I go by as Mandy

2. Zodiac Sign


3. 3 Fears

Cockroaches, being stuck in the middle of the ocean,big ass spiders

4. 3 Things You Love

Chick Fil A(lmao),kpop,watching horror movies

5. Last Song You Listened To

My Type - Ikon

6. 4 Turn Ons

Men in suits,nice legs,butts,adams apple

7. How Many Tattoos You have/piercings

I dont have any of them now but i used to have a septum piercing and a hoop piercing

8. My Favorite Movies

The Craft,Heathers,Lolita,Mean Girls,The Witch

9. Your Favorite Songs

The 7th Sense(NCT U),Lolita(Lana Del Rey),Tomorrow Never Knows(The Beatles),Hows This(Hyuna). Theres a lot more but i just named a couple.

10. 3 Habits You have

1. Biting the inside of my cheek
2. Chewing on random shit
3. Laying in bed

11. Something Your talented at


12. Favorite Foods

Shrimp Alfredo,bread with butter,pizza

13. What did You Do Yesterday

Lay in bed

14. A Celebrity Crush

Kim Hyoyeon

15. Do You Smoke And Drink


16. Birthday

January 29

17. Favorite Lyrics

And thats a long ass ride

18. What Are Your Favorite Songs Right Now

1. Wolf(Exo)
2. Where their From(Missy Elliott)
3. Love(Lana Del Rey)
4. Dont recall(Kard)

19. Do you think you'll be in a relationship from 2 months from now?

Hell no

20. What good things happened this summer?

Got to go to Texas to see my family and also went to the beach

*21. Where would you like to travel?


22. What part of your body are you the most uncomfortable with?

My nose

23. Would you rather live without music or tv?

Tv for sure

24. Have you ever been high?

Pretty close

25. Have you ever been drunk?


26. Favorite Color?

Black or pastel pink

27. Ever been in love?

Pretty close

28. Twitter or Tumblr?

Twitter but i barley use it

29. Chocolate or Vanilla?


30. What color of shirt are you wearing right now?


31. Favorite tv shows?

Walking Dead,Black Mirror,Glow

32. Name A person you love

Kim Hyoyeon

33. Last movie you watched


34. Have Any Pets?

Yes, one dog

35. Do you regret anything from your last?


36. Have you ever liked someone so much it hurts?


37. Do you like chinese food?

Hell yes

38. Favorite Book?

Milk and honey(Rupi Kaur)

39. Would you change your name?


40. Curly or straight hair?

Wavy kinda

41. Brunette or blonde?


42. Day or night?


43. Summer or winter?


44. Whats your favorite quote?

"Reality Is A Prison"

45. Favorite Drink?

Sprite Or lemonade

46. If you were able to dye your hair any other, what color would it be?

Dark blue

47. Favorite Holiday?

Dont really have one but if i had to choose it would be halloween

48. Do you like horror movies?

i love them

49. A song you loved when you were younger

Dynamite(Taio Cruz)

50. Something you didnt like at first but now love