He does know you,
you notice that you know him
so ambiguously.
You don't understand him fully
in every little way
when he moves his little tail
around the entire room...
oh he seems such an airplane
flying for spreading love
into your big, but empty house.
Without him your world
feels like falling apart.
Whithout him, you don't know
where you are anymore.
And you don't understand him fully
when he's crying in front of you
begging you just for food,
begging you for some love.
But he doesn't know
how much you really love him;
The biggest kisses and hugs
don't mirror your true love for him
for sure.
They would be infinite,
cover all your life
but it's impossible
as much as it's impossible a love like this.
I'm so thankful for you,
my little puppy
that you don't even know.
I love you Shawn <3