things to improve your everyday life!

1: drink more water
2: eat healthy
3: read more
4: start working out
5: spend more time with family
6: be positive
7: wake up earlier in the morning
8: start making to-do lists
9: go to sleep earlier
10: save money
11: never give up on the things that are important to you
12: set goals
13: do what makes you happy
14: go outside more
15: spend more time in the moment instead of looking at a screen
16: enjoy the little things
17: stop procrastination
18: don't judge others
19: think of other peoples feelings ( but remember to think about yours to)
20: stop comparing yourself to others
21: meditate
22: relax
23: give to others out of the kindness of your heart, not for something in return
24: learn to love yourself
25: learn to forgive
26: listen to happy music
27: give more compliments
28: know when to put yourself first
29: try to make new friends
30: Enjoy Nature & Life itself

♡ If you have made it this far in the article thank you so much for reading what I have taken the time to write for you. I appreciate it very much. I hope you all have a wonderful day.... or night ....... whatever it may be.

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