Hi sweeties,
Thanks for reading my articles :) I hope you like it! I know it's not that good, but I'm developing my writing skills. So, I always stay open for tips and tricks! I also like it to read articles from others, and share these, to support other writers! So it would be nice if you all join the 30 day challenge from @TypicalGirl48

The #WhiChallenge of day three, is to describe your relationship with your parents. So here you go :)

I'll start with a little story about my parents themselves. My parents got divorced when I was 6 years old. They were in fight very often, so yeah.. They weren't happy with each other anymore. That's when they decided to get divorced. The first few years, I mainly lived at my mom's house, and I went to my dad one weekend in two weeks. After a while, I got two ponies (they were not mine actually, but I took care of them) and since that time, I wanted to go to them, so I didn't go to my day anymore. Right now, I ride somewhere else and I have never seen the two sweet ponies since a few years already. I only call my dad once a week, and I text with him. I kinda miss him sometimes, but yeah.. There are some more problems behind that, which I prefer not to share.. :(

Anyways, my bond with my mom is quite good actually. Even though I never see my dad anymore, I feel like our bond is still there, and that it is actually quite a strong bond. Both of my parents support me in whatever I do, and I really appreciate that <3 They allow me to discover the world and I'm glad that I'm capable to learn new things. They have protected me from any harmful thing and they have given all their love that I need.

Mom, Dad, I love you.

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