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Day 7
What is my dream job, and why?

I don't have a specific dream job but it has to do with music, acting, social media, fashion, traveling or food.

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*Music:* Because it is inspiring and I am planning on buying and learning the guitar and I am learning to sing.

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*Acting:* I think I am really at acting and I think it is really fun you get to travel and meet other people which I am not really good but acting will help me do it better.

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*Social Media* Social media is fun and exciting so it is something to consider as I spend so much time here.

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*Travelling* No one disagrees on this that traveling is one of the best things you could do in life just getting to know places and cultures is amazing and fun I don't really know what study it is or what to do the job you could take but yeah

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*Fashion* Recently I have been into fashion a lot I am thinking about what to wear and how to wear them. I started to learn how to draw dresses and color them and I am searching for sewing classes, I think fashion stuff is so fun and exciting

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*Food* Lastly the best thing in the world food this another thing no one disagrees on this. to those who are thinking what are you going to work with food mabye chef (though I am not so good) a food critic which is a good considering I am good at tasting the food and there are other things but these are what I think about.

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I learned today how to add photos and I am so happy about it And that's my article for today hope you like it. context_query=blow+kiss+gif&context_type=search