I've seen lots of people doing it, so why i shouldn't?

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Day 1) AC/DC - back in black

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day 2) Arctic monkeys - 505

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day 3) Alice cooper - school is out for summer

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day 4) Avenged sevenfold - so far away

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day 5) AC/DC - highway to hell

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day 6) Quiet riot - cum on feel the noize

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day 7) Green day - bang bang

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day 8) Hollywood undead - up in smoke

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day 9) Sum 41 - Fatlip

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day 10) Linkin park - numb

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day 11) Metallica - moth into the flame

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day 12) Slipknot - killpop

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day 13) Sex pistols - god save the queen

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day 14) Metallica - nothing else matters

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day 15) Elvis presley - hound dog

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day 16) Queen ft david bowie - under pressure

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day 17) Bon jovi - livin' on a prayer

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day 18) Bon jovi - its my life

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day 19) John lennon - imagine

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day 20) Rise Against - Make It Stop (Septembers Children)

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day 21) All time low - dear maria, count me in

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day 22) Slipknot - spit it out

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day 23) The clash - should i stay or should i go?

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day 24) Black flag - my war

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day 25) Nirvana - come as you are

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day 26) Bastille - glory

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day 27) Slipknot - snuff

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day 28) Slipknot - before i forget

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day 29) Shakira - wherever, whenever

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day 30) Green day - basket case

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thanks for reading lovies.😘