Hi, guys! okay? so, in this article I will write about my favorite songs from the latin band CNCO. The boy band was formed in 2015 after becoming winners of the first season of the reality show "La Banda", a music competition, created by Simon Cowell and produced by Ricky Martin.

cnco image
(Christopher Vélez - Equador, Erick Brian Colón - Cuba, Joel Pimentel - México, Zabdiel de Jesús - Porto Rico e Richard Camacho - República Dominicana)

Reggaeton is a musical style that has its roots in Latin and Caribbean music. Its sound derives from the reggae in Spanish of Panama, influenced by hip hop, salsa and electronic music. This musical genre emerged in Panama, taken from the electronic style, and soon became popular in Puerto Rico and spread to the world. I love this musical style!

cnco, mas alla tour, and cncowners image

My favorite songs:

1) Hey DJ - feat. Yandel
2) Regageton Lento
3) Quisiera
4) Para Enamorarte
5) Tan Fácil
6) Volverte a ver
7) Devuélveme mi corazón
8) Más Allá
9) Tu Luz
10) Pincesa - feat. Río Roma

Image by Scarlet Barrera

Thanks for reading! kisses =)