Sooooooooo....... another article <3.
Some of the places mentioned here are places I've already visited but I just wanted to write them down here so I could feel motivated to keep on dreaming lol.

Los Angeles โœ“

beach, california, and car image hollywood image Beverly Hills, california, and green image disney, castle, and pink image


japan, tokyo, and tokyo tower image Inspiring Image on We Heart It japan, sakura, and city image city, japan, and korea image


italy, rome, and roma image rome, travel, and italy image audrey hepburn, italy, and movie image building, country, and photograph image


Image removed travel, venice, and italy image italy, scenery, and venice image Image removed


enter, gate, and historical image Image removed korea and seoul image korea, photography, and seoul image

Rio de Janeiro

Inspiring Image on We Heart It architecture, brasil, and photograph image rio de janeiro, brazil, and travel image amazing, beach, and beautiful image

La Habana โœ“

cuba and travel image blue, pink, and street image Image by maria_tz summer, sun, and varadero image


france, paris, and photography image Inspiring Image on We Heart It disneyland paris image louvre, paris, and pyramid image


autumn, fall, and amsterdam image amsterdam, city, and crazy image light, city, and amsterdam image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Guayaquil โœ“

7, ecuador, and PM image guayaquil image ecuador and iguana image ecuador, green, and landscape image


berlin and germany image place, โ™ก, and beautiful image berlin, art, and germany image building, city, and germany image


Temporarily removed black, caribe, and girls image beach, cancun, and mexico image beach, cancun, and paradise image


door, blue, and Greece image beautiful, europe, and Greece image travel image Greece, summer, and travel image

Orlando โœ“

Image removed disney, hogwarts, and orlando image vacation, city walk, and islands of adventure image disney, Dream, and orlando image

New York

museum image autumn, city, and fall image gossip girl, new york, and new york city image buildings, city, and lights image


adventure, china, and culture image china, shanghai, and traveling image china, lanterns, and red image shanghai image

San Francisco โœ“

city, car, and photography image blackandwhite, city, and lisbon image art, wall, and off the wall image america, christmas, and francisco image

Cusco โœ“

cusco image amor, cusco, and perรบ image streets, cusco, and amรฉrica image colorful, folk, and inca image


travel, russia, and moscow image moscow, russia, and sculpture image ballet, ballerina, and beautiful image moscow image


Image removed sunset, elephant, and morning image thailand and travel image beach, sea, and thailand image


city, beautiful, and travel image city, park, and spain image Barcelona, city, and spain image city, spain, and Barcelona image

Arica โœ“

chile, exteriores, and foto image chile, clouds, and too late image chile, photography, and port image chile, life, and photograph image


london, red, and england image london image day, clock, and london image london, light, and winter image


bridge, prague, and roofs image cathedral, square, and praha image adventure, beautiful, and city image aesthetic, city, and europe image


adventure, drinks, and explore image america, chile, and colour image chile, hotel, and travel image grunge, nature, and pale image