In today's world, there is not one type of photographer. If you go through the various media: WHI, Pinterest, Instagram, you see it. Photography is a form of self expression . The photo you take says a lot about the person you are. There's no one bad photo, because everyone is different. Perhaps we strive to be a world known photographer, perhaps we just aim to be Instagram famous, Tumblr famous, WHI Heartist, maybe keeping the photograph for your eyes only is enough.

Becoming a photographer is a journey, you may start out rough with really nothing, but as the journey continues, the better you get. There are many types of photographs out there, each one with a beautiful story behind it.

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The Florist

Perhaps you have an eye for flowers and the beauty they bring to this world. Those who take floral photography use flowers as the object. You'll want to choose a background that will help the flower stand out, compliment it in someway. If you have a good enough camera, get in up close. Make the entire bouquet your backdrop The flowers are your canvas and you can work them anyway you want...anyway you see it.

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The Booknerd

Now this has become a popular form of photography. People would think that it's crazy, books don't make for a proper subject. Uh yes, yes they do. Dozens upon hundreds of Instagram profiles are dedicated the photography of books. And why not? It's fun. Its expressive. You're showing people you: what you like to read and what catches your eye. With photographing books, you can get quiet creative with the decoration and background that would give you that perfect picture.

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The Interior Designer

Just like their are interior designers, there are interior photographers. These people like taking photos of the interior of a house, that could be a room or office. Show you your interior design skills. Organize and setup the room however you want, and snap away. These kinds of photographs are inspiring to people who plan on redecorating and need a little inspiration. You could just be that inspiration!

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The Foodies

The foodies have a passion for... well, food. Foodies unleash their inner culinary artist with their stunning photography of food. They indulge you, have you watering at the mouth. Foodies have an eye for food and its texture and definitely know how to set it up to hypnotize their audience. If this is your type of photography, you'll inspire your audience to try something they probably have never tried before. It's worked on me.

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The Quality Blogger

Quality photos is something that you may have heard of if you have ever been on Tumblr. Quality photographers have a camera with them at all times, where it be your regular DSLR or your phone. Quality photographers photograph anything...ANYTHING that catches their eye. Anything that they know can make a quality blog. That can be them holding a bag chips, cereal, phone cases, lip glosses, quality photographers know how to make it work by putting the subject in clear focus. It can be as small as a little knick-knack's or you can go bigger and bolder. Quality photos have inspired me to do the same. If your one to journal your day and want to snap something interesting, quality photography is the way. It's simple, creative, and actually really fun.

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The Polaroid Enthusiast

Maybe instead of digital photography your a little bit more old school and want to try the vintage route instead. Polaroids are one of the best ways to get that vintage look. With polaroids, you'll train yourself to have the right eye for photographs...why? Because you have nothing to use but the natural light to get the perfect look for your photo. Now polaroids are a trial and error...I know from experience. You'll waste a couple of bucks on film, but once you get it, you'll be snapping away like a pro.

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The Wanderluster

Wanderlusters love photographing the places they've been. Rather than a selfie, they took photos of their surroundings. It can be mountains, oceans, forrest, buildings, cafe's. The wander of the location is the subject. Their photos tell their story on where they have been, the culture of that location. If you want to tell wanderlust photography, I'll tell you, you'll inspire people to get up and get out. Sometimes you'll even allow a person to travel to that location by just looking at your photo. Wanderlust photography is another way of saying travel photography, except it has more of your essence in it.

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The types of photography is endless. In todays world, you can do whatever your want. Don't limit yourself. Try different types of see which one best suits you, which one you can speak through to your audience. Photography is a form of art and expression. So go out there, and try give it try. Let others see the world through your eyes.

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