Hey guys! I am starting this new challenge called the 15 day writing challenge. The reference I am using is a 30 day challenge, so i'm just going to chop off the extra 15 days. I'm so excited! Today's writing is "introduce yourself." So here you go.

I'm Maria!
My hobbies include playing guitar, drawing, and making fan video edits (my insta is _flashxoxo)

I enjoy watching youtubers such as Laurdiy, IISuperwomanII, LDShadowlady, StacyPlays, and MANY other youtubers.

Okay, I was born in Colombia, but then I moved to America when I was around 3.
The Flash
Stranger things
Shadow Hunters
This one is a bit short. Mostly, because i don't have a specific topic to write about. Tomorrow i'm doing "put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs. Say something about it." bye guys!