Hey, everybody!
My name is Lari and this is my first article, so I hope you like it!
One of my favorite things to do is search for quotes on We hart it. Quotes are the best way I found to express myself, and for this article, I've separated some of the quotes I've read that made me deeply think about life, so If you're feeling a bit lost about the course your life is taking, I recommend you to read every single quote and take 10 minutes to think about it. Let's start:

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1. Don't wait for tomorrow, do it today.

This one is old, but it's completely true, It took some time for me to learn how to not procrastinate, but with effort, you can do it! So what are you waiting for? Go and do what you need to do!
*But first finish the article, of course!

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2. Your Comfort zone will kill you.

Try to do something that makes you feel out of your comfort zone...yes, you will feel nervous, but trust me, the sooner you get out of your comfort zone, the sooner you will realize it wasn't that comfortable at all.

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3.Don't worry, it will all feel ridiculous in a few years anyway.

I took almost 16 years of my life to start thinking that way, and my life got so much better when I started doing that. I recommend you to use that quote every time you're afraid to do something or even when you got a problem: Will that matter in 10 years? If the answer is no, you shouldn't be that worried.

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4. If you don't build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.

This is for the ones who are doubting about themselves, if you have a dream, go for it, and be different, cause what is the matter of being like almost everyone in the world?

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5. Not everyone you lose is a loss.

It's a bit hard to believe, isn't it? Sometimes you think you lost someone, but then you realize it wasn't a loss and your life became so much better after that.

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