Finding the love of your life can but hard now and days due to social media and mobile phones but that doesn't mean you can't find love anymore, I know it's very rare in today's society but that does not mean you won't find the right person for the rest of your life.

Here are the signs if you found the right person to be for the rest of your life.

Caring about your safety:

Whenever your going out with friends or by yourself the first think about is your safety, if your sweetheart ask's you what your doing for the day and you respond on what your doing for the day, If he/she cares enough of your safety then you should realized that your love one wants you to be safe no matter if you are in your house or out and about you should realized that boyfriend/girlfriend wants you to be safe because they really do care.

Feeling comfortable and showing off your flaws:

The society always wants people to look perfect and not showing your flaws but if your sweetheart doesn't care if you look well put together or not so much, he/she will love you no matter what and if your having good or bad day, your love one will be there to listen the details depending what your talking about.

Getting to know you more:

It can be hard to talk about how to explain on what hobbies you like to do or what you do behind the scenes when your not with your sweetheart, When your beginning to start being in a relationship he/she wants to get to know you more in order to keep it strong and even communicating as well, Don't ever lie to your sweetheart on flase facts about you, if you do that then things won't work out at all.

Your future:

It's ok to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend on where both see yourself's five or ten years down the road, ether seeing yourself getting married, move in together or waiting for the right time to start a family, If you want to be open to him/her on your future with your sweetheart then let that person know on what your comfortable with and keep in mind don't let yourself taking it too fast, be happy on what you have now and live the moment.