I've had my share of bad friendships.
To the point where I'm afraid to call anyone else my "best friend" because those words now seem like everyone who calls themselves that will end up leaving.

But having had one very consistent reliable friend, call me her best friend after a while. I realized what a "best friend" means to me. What it should have meant for me before..

Someone who makes me a better person. Someone who's not only always there for me, but someone who I almost look up to kind of. Like we're equals, but in different ways. We both have our assets, our own qualities we bring to the table.
It's both the similarities and the differences that keep us together, keep us moving forward. Thats what a best friend should be.

My now and current best friend, is such a totally outspoken person. She doesn't let anyones shit get to her, no matter what anyone says or does.
She's physically a beautiful person, but it's her personality that I find amazing. Because after all she's been through, she can still own every bit of herself, and she exudes happiness, and confidence, and hilarity.

She makes me want to feel the same way, to be confident, to feel good about myself. That's my best friend. She makes me want to be a better person like no one of my other friends has.