My name is Maria Fernanda i'm 17 years old , I am from Mexico exactly Monterrey
I'm study business administration i am in my second semestre, my life consist in photography and music doesn't matter the order but without two thing i can't imagine my life or my existence, i don't know what to put here haha, i'm not good writer, that the reason why i choose this challenge, bc this gonna be a super challenge for me to write something, mmm.... what else... i really like to met new people, make new friends, found another kind of music that i'm not already know, aahg im so bad introduce myself hahah, another thing that i like it watch movies or series, doramas, right now im watching Goblin,this dorama wooow, im so involved, i love it, but i watch any kind of movie or serie, but the most i like is the horror, comedy or comedy romance that are the most kind of movies/serie that i must like to watching.... im think im over? idk hahah, im still continue this is gonna be a lit a challenge fot me

Maria Fernanda xoxo