How ya doooooing!!!

Nah, I’m kidding.

*clearing throat*

You will know my name a little later (if you feel in the mood to keep reading this pathetic story). I am what the modern society has declared as N-E-R-D, but I’m not completely a nerd. You will see my dear friends, YES I have good grades, I am studious and dedicated, but I have NO problems when it comes to socializing. NOT AT ALL. I am (exaggeratedly) outgoing and open to different opinions. But I DON’T like clichés, like the one that is my whole life. People who didn’t knew me well in my old school in Liverpool (by the way, I'm British and I come from the same city as The Beatles, I LOVE them) they called me a cliché, it was like, "Hey, there goes the nerd! " "Do you sit next to me on the French exam?" "Can you help me with the science assignment?" or even "Hi, wanna Netflix and chill? *sexual depravity face *"

That sums up my school life back in Liverpool.

Now I'm moving to Miami.

New house, new school, new friends, new idiots, new whores and so on.

But before I tell you that story, I'll tell you (I'll write, I'll tell you, or how the hell is supposed to be written) a little bit of me. First, what I like:

1. The music. But not any kind of music. I love rock. I do not have a single "favorite band", my contemporary band is Imagine Dragons and my old, classic band or whatever is The Beatles. Then to these two are followed by another group of bands like Panic! At The Disco, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Fall Out Boy ... I stop now because I could continue to write band names until my phone battery runs out ... and it has 95% of charge ... Well, let's keep going, I also like a bit of Pop music (but not all the songs, there are some that I really can’t tolerate) there are groups or soloists that I love like Shawn Mendes, Us The Duo, AJR, Ellie Goulding, Little Mix ... I stop again because although they are less than the rock bands there are many people that can name. And finally there are groups that are in the middle of Rock and Pop: The Vamps, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Emblem3 etc.

2. Pizza. I simply love peperoni pizza. I love her. A lot.

3. Art. I love to paint and my paintings are usually all abstract, I just let the brush go its own path and Voila! I also LOVE photography...and on second thought...I almost don’t take photos of people...I have to change that lol. And lastly, I like to draw a lot but I'm more of graphic design.

4. READING, THAT'S WHAT I LOVE. I love reading and reading every day no matter what people say. Many say, "How boring," "Why do you read?" and the worst of all "WHY DON’T YOU SEE THE MOVIE?".


Arg! I want to hit those people in the face! If you don’t like reading, don’t ruin my day with your shitty comments! And * formal voice of presenter * now I am going to quote to you some of Cornelia Funke’s Ink Heart book: “IF YOU INTEND TO WASTE MY TIME ON TRIVIA, YOU’D BETTER GO AWAY NOW." Yeah, if something likely happens to you, you can yell them that. But seriously this is what I want you to read (one of the things because this book is a gold mine of quotations): "If you take a book with you on a journey," Mo had said when he put the first one in her box, "an odd thing happens: The book begins collecting your memories. And forever after you have only to open that book to be back where you first read it. It will all come into your mind with the very first words: the sights you saw in that place, what it smelled like, the ice cream you ate while you were reading it... yes, books are like flypaper—memories cling to the printed page better than anything else." And now you can tell this to your parents when you go on a trip and they ask you: "Why do you carry so many books?"

5. The sea. Yep, I like the sea. I LOVE WHALES.

6. I like retro stuff.

7. And Disney.

Okay, you already read what I like. Now it's time for what I do not like (WARNING: this is a summary of ALL the things that I don’t like).

1. Music that denigrates or makes inferior men and women or anyone.

2. Seafood. Ironic because I come from a coastal city.

3. The heat. I much prefer the cold.

4. Books of romance and drama. Not that I hate them but they are the books that I least like.

5. Spiders. They need to die. All of them. Hopefully the plants will start releasing a poisonous pollen just for these pests. I hope they’ll suffer A LOT.

6. People who believe themselves superior to others. I don’t tolerate them. I hope they go to Tartarus and that on their way there Cerberus chews their heads.

7. I hate to run out of ideas.

Well, I think this is it. End of presentations...Jesus! I almost forgot! My name is Clio. Not Cleo. Clio. Clio Nullings. As the invisible boy of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Millard Nullings. I know you're wondering "why the hell her name is Clio?" "What kind of name is that?" Well, my mother is Plastic Surgeon and my father is Historian / Writer. Yep, they are opposite sides but they love each other. So, you will be asking yourself again "why is this crazy girl not explained at once?" the answer is that "Clio" was a muse in Greek mythology, the Muse of History. Can you join the threads? Clio, Muse of History. My father, a historian. Mmm, I think it's pretty obvious.

Anyway, guess who I came from. MEDICINE vs HISTORY.

I leave you a few seconds to think (and I leave you a photo of the sexy Magnus Bane)

Shailene Woodley, dave franco, and tyler posey image

You know the answer? If you don’t its okay. I am more of daddy's side, I love Greek mythology (I LOVE IT) and as I love history and art maybe it's good for me to have the name "Clio".

–The Muses, Goddesses of the Arts, who proclaim Heroes!

–Heroes like Hercules!



As I was saying / writing, before the Muses interrupted me! The Muses were in charge of Arts and History and I believe that in a certain way I will also be. I want to study Mithology, the study of ancient myths and legends, but I also want to be an artist.

Speaking of family...I'll introduce you to the rest of it. I have two older brothers, one named Scott and the other is Marco. If you want to have something with them you will first pass by me, I will analyze, evaluate and judge if you are worthy for my big bros. sound of throat clearing Let's keep going, after them I’m next, then the twins. As you read, I HAVE TWIN SISTERS, and they are Charlotte (Charlie as Good Luck Charlie) and Isabella (Izzy). Finally we have the little Grace, she is my pampered and if you mess with her...mmm...you go bad. Oh! I almost forgot, my mother's name is Robin and my father’s is Thomas. My dad has Brazilian ancestry, my grandma was from Rio de Janeiro, which means that my father's second last name is Carvalho and all my siblings and I learned Portuguese since we were born because dad talked to us in Portuguese always but now that we're older, he does it less often. And that is my crazy family, soon you will know them better.

Shit! I almost forgot too! I am 16 years old but I will be 17 in October, 31st of October. Another cliché to the list!

Now we’re done, I've already introduced myself. Yey! you already know a lot about me, but what you don’t even know is why I'm telling you all this. The reason is that, as I mentioned, I'm moving to Miami and I want to make a revolution, "Rebellion!". I want to change the stereotype of "popular" people. My plan is to show everyone that a girl who is prejudiced as a "nerd" can become "popular" and moving to the United States is the perfect opportunity.
As I said new school and new people, and none of these people know me, it will be a new beginning and I will prove to all that I can be popular without changing my attitude or my way of being.

A girl with glasses who loves to read can be as or prettier than a girl with expensive clothes and face full of makeup.

I hope you enjoy it 🌚
See you soon and for those who speaks Spanish, I published the story on Spanish on Wattpad.