Sometimes life throws too much at you. You feel lost. You feel as though you need to change something in your life in order to be happy. You need to escape.
You go out into the world and find the spot that makes you feel untouchable. Like you're standing on the top of a mountain, looking down into the canyon below knowing you only need to take one more step, and you'll be gone.
You find that perfect cabin in the woods that's both cozy and alone. Where you can cuddle up in your favourite blanket and write the words that you'll never publish.
You'll make something new. Get a bus and go wherever you want whenever you want, obeying no rules set by society.
You'll find yourself standing in a crowd of people with the same passion as you, listening to the music that inspires you to keep going every day.
You'll stop at your favourite spot on the bridge and look into traffic. You tell yourself "nobody even notices me". You'll be surprised at how many do.

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