Girl:-Hey Baby!Happy Birthday!

Boy:-Thanks u!

Girl:-I will come at your home since 7:30 'o' clock.

Boy:-Okay surely na?

Girl:-Yes sure,Let happen anything I will reach ir home,I love u so much!

Boy:-Me too love u so much.I am going to make dinner for you.

Girl:-Okay Baby!

7:30pm clocked,but Girl doesn't reach,she come after 1hr.

Boy:-Baby!How you late?

Girl hugged him and said"nothing there was traffic."

Boy:-Never mind! lets fed dinner...

Boy's cell rung,Call was girl's Mom.

Girl's Mom,said by crying,"I'm in hospital, My daughter not more in this world."

Boy:-What?What are you saying???

Girl's Mom:-She had get accident via car before 1hr...She no more...(crying)

Boy get worried and looks his girlfrnd.

Girl said in dark with candle:-Baby I didn't broken my promise...143 so much..