Lucy stood in front of the mirror looking at her body from every angle examining it. No matter what angle she looked, she still saw fat. Lucy sucked in a breathe trying to make herself skinnier. It's useless she thought, you could still see her muffin top and thunder thighs.

She was disgusted with herself at the amount of fat on her body. She wished she could be like the women on TV with their blonde hair and fit bodies.
Instead she was a girl standing in front of the mirror and judging her body.

School was the worst for her, people would pick on her and call her names.

Miss piggy.


The names were never ending, and Lucy, stopped eating and existing.

She thought she was getting better, she thought she was getting skinnier, but in reality she was getting worse.

but then she stopped.

"What am I doing? This is not me, and it will never be me."

You see, all people saw was the bad in Lucy, but there was so much more than that, Lucy wasn't fat, ugly, or bad she was beautiful, and for once she believed that.