Hey there! today I'm uploading this third part of song recommendations , this time I'm throwing some songs in spanish, If you don't speak spanish and don't understand it quite well I would still recommend you guys to give them a try, they have a nice sound and you can look up the lyrics, so lets get started!

24) Antología - Shakira (1995)
If you disregard this song just because you read the name Shakira you are making a major mistake, Shakira is currently known for being a judge on The Voice , but once upon a time Shakira was known in Latin America as an alternative pop star with major vocals, beautiful lyrics and amazing dance moves. As a kid I admired this woman so much, I always loved poetry and her songs were like poems to me.
"and I learned to take seconds away from time, you made me look into a deeper sky" &
" But you forgot a final instruction and that is that I can't live without your love, and I found out what a rose ment, you teached me how to say white lies to see you at inconvenient times and to replace words with glances"
Are some of the beautiful words we can find in this song.

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25) Tu - Shakira (1998)
"Because you are my sun , the faith witch which I live, the power of my voice, the feet with wich I walk, you are my love, my desire to laugh, the goodbye that I won't know how to say, because I'll never be able to live without you"
my absolute favorite lyric from this song.

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25) Inevitable - Shakira (1998)
THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SONG BY HER, guys I listened to this song on my giant ass computer back in 2001, and back then I couldn't sing along without cracking my voice lmao, the lyrics are so damn relatable and the video is cool as fuck, Shakira looked so good with black hair with purple highlights.

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26) La Playa - La Oreja de Van Gogh (2000)
If there is a band that marked a generation is La Oreja de Van Gogh , everyone EVERYONE loved this spanish band, what isnt there to love? with the chill vibe and soft vocals, their sound is the definition of nostalgia, they were so big they even made it to American radio with their hit song Rosas .

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27) Soledad - La Oreja de Van Gogh (2000)
THIS SONG IS SO GOOD!!! omg!! the rhythm change is soooo cool!! this band makes me think of pastel colors, roses, waves, clouds and rainbows

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28) A Quien le Importa - Alaska Y Dinarama (1986)
Another amazing spanish band, Alaska Y Dinarama had a unique style by making pop songs with new wave, glam rock and acid house vibes, A quien le importa is considered an LGBT anthem, if you are into drag you'll definitely like Alaska! :)

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29) A Dios le Pido - Juanes (2002)
As a little girl I loved Juanes so much just like Shakira, he had beautiful lyrics but with a rock twist. A Dios le Pido is one of his most popular songs and it was considered a peace anthem.
Look up the lyrics, and watch the video, the scene of him playing the guitar under the stars... ICONIC if you like guitar this song is for you!

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30) Es Por Ti - Juanes (2002)
Please give this song a chance is so beautiful ;u;

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Thats all for today!
Thanks for reading! <3