I am pretty.
This is the biggest lie I love telling myself.
I am pretty,
I am strong,
I am perfectly fine.
But why do I lie?
Why don`t I think of myself as a pretty girl?
But it`s okay, it is fine, these are just words after all, aren’t they?
These are just letters arranged in a specific order, just to mean something that may or may not have a value in our lives.
Excuse me, may I correct myself, letters that have a certain value in society.
They don`t care what you think or what you do, they don`t.
But it doesn’t matter; you just have to follow the flow,
and if you don`t want to follow them to a complete and utter perdition, -like me- then you don`t fit in, right?
If you think your body is fine just like it is now, then you just want attention, right?
But I don`t care.
Do I lie to myself? Yes.
Why? Because no one will ever do it as well as I can.
No one could ever come up to me, face to face, watching my stretch marks, my scars, my thousand imperfections, and tell I am beautiful.
No one has ever done it, and I doubt someone will ever do.
But that is just a lack of confidence, isn’t it?
That is a low self-esteem with high grammar amplitude, am I wrong?
That is what everyone has taught us.
That if no one tells us we are pretty, we are strong, we are perfect,
then we simply aren’t.
So, yeah, I lie.
I tell myself, what I do not honestly believe,
I tell myself what I want to hear.
Because they say, fake it till you make it, right?
So that is what I am doing.
I am lying.
I am cheating in your game.
The game that placed the crown so high, no one could ever win.
But no one saw the ladder lying beside, either.
This society has torn me down so many times, everywhere I turn still has a broken piece of me lying on the ground.
They broke me, they kicked me, they made me believe, I was worthless, I was a misfit, a creep.
But that never was the problem, because I am a misfit, I am a creep, I am part of the generation that made it through your bullshit,
the problem is them.
They, who believe perfect is a real status,
who believe looks matter more than who you are.
They eliminated completely my confidence and replaced it with fear and trust issues.
But I’ve learned how to cope with my pain, and I know now I can live with it just fine.
Before, if you decided you wanted to tell me, I`m pretty, I wouldn’t have believed you because this society has placed my body in a mold labeled by a big sign that reads:
Not Beautiful.
Not Enough.
Not Worth a Damn.

But I decided to break that mold, and do what the fuck I want.
Because after all, it is my body, not yours,
so say whatever you like, you can stick your words up where they fit.
I`ll stay with my lies,
which, step by step,
are starting to become truths,
rather than words I say to myself.
So yes, I am pretty.
Maybe not for you,
maybe not for me either,
but I okay with that.

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