First of all !!YOU MUST DO THIS FOR YOU!!

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Here are some tips that I learned the hard way but the good thing is that now i know what helps me, and that´s the great thing you can try diferent things and see what works for you

First of all and I Know everyone say this but trust me it´s because it works
DRINK WATER as if they pay you

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  • Next you should do at least 15 min. of excercise I don´t care what the hell you do just MOVE you can dance, practice a sport, go to the gym and if you don´t wanna spend money like me on that look for youtube videos like:
  • love sweat fitness
  • Gabriela Whited (she literally kills you) worth it
  • Sam ozkural
  • KKardio Dance
  • Sarahkaypop love her
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  • Try to eat small portions or at least less than before IM NOT SAYING TO STARVE YOURSELF GOD DON´T DO THAT
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  • Lastly If you made a cheat day don´t worry IT´S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD you can do it but not to often and not a whole day or maybe one between weeks don´t get to excited with it


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Lots of Love :)