Hi Darlings,

So one of my best friends is completly addicted to horror movies and anything related, even more than me. And he, very honestly, gave me the look:

How come you haven't seen it?

And I said I didn't know why I haven't finished because I actually liked the first three seasons.
So, the other day I was reading news and reviews, and I came across one saying the new season uses a lot of past references. And me, a tangled plots fanatic, saw this as the ultimate warning I was missing something great!

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spoiler alert

So I decided I'm going to do two reviews for each tv show I watch. One after the first episode and the other after the season finale.

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Freak Show, from what I've seen in the season premiere, as the name suggest, is about people with some kind of rare deformity working in a circus. Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) travels around the world searching for people to perform in her show. It is revealed in in the end of the episode that her truly intentions are no other than attract people to hear her sing. Her deepest desire is to be a star.

As the Freak Show tries to prosper, the city of Jupiter is terrified with the homicides that has been happening. The serial killer turns to be a Clown.
Elsa, later, sees one of her freaks accused of murderer and a rebellion starts within the freaks.

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There a lot of actors coming back this season, such as Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Denis O'Hare, Emma Roberts and many others.

From what I see, a lot of people will die. A lot of people carries secrets and their revelations will be catastrophic.
I can't guess much from this episode since it's misteries are solved but it leaves space for character development. We actually see it start with one or two characters.
I don't know how to expect from this season. Except maybe that the freaks are going to be accused of all the killing happening in the town.

Lots of Love
Vânia Santos