Hello guys! This is my first article. When this thing came out I thought that I won’t do this, because I’ve never been interested in writing, but I guess the thing that happened today really got me.

I was hanging out with a friend, who is very artsy and open-minded, and we were talking about festivals, underground music, books and such things. As we were talking she said something that made me feel stupid (maybe this isn’t the right word). I should tell you that I’ve always had low self-esteem and sometimes I get simple things too serious and easily get hurt. So she said that maybe I’m not that open-minded person and I’ve got prejudices. I felt offended and shallow, because I don’t like and don’t understand the art, books, festivals… she likes. She added that I should be more open-minded, try different things, go to new places, and not just go to the usual old ones. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but in that moment I was upset and felt stupid. Now when I came home and think through the situation I realised that she was right and I shouldn’t be disappointed that I don’t like the same things as she does. We are different people and it’s normal to think or see things differently. So I decided to challenge myself to do some things by myself and to try not to depend on someone else all the time. What I mean is when I want to go to a concert but there’s no one to go with, I’ll just go alone. And I’ll try to do things that I usually don’t like or am scared to do (I DON’T talk about drugs or other illegal stuff!).

So here is the list I made. I wrote down the first things that came to my mind, it’ll probably grow in the future. I won’t put a deadline, because that will be too pushy and eventually I won’t realize anything, all in all the point is to give freedom of the mind.

• Post my first article
• Go alone to a movie/play
• Sing in karaoke club
• Hike alone
• Go to a festival on my own
• Ice skating

Thanks for reading! :)