Hey everyone!
This Disney challenge was created by @TypicalGirl48 ! I love Disney! Don't you? I've been to Disney World which was a great experience for me. I loved meeting characters from different movies! Anywho, let's get started with the challenge!!

1. Favorite Character: Stitch

lovely, stitch, and cute image

2. Favorite Princess: Belle

art, beauty and the beast, and belle image

3. Favorite Heroine: Merida

brave, disney, and merida image

4. Favorite Male Character/Prince: Peter Pan

peter pan and disney image

5. Favorite Hero: Hiro Hamada

baymax, hiro, and disney image

6. Favorite Animal: Tramp

animals, art, and creativity image

7. Favorite Sidekick: Mushu

mulan, disney, and funny image

8. Favorite Villain: Yzma

disney, fan art, and the emperor's new groove image

9. Favorite Original Character: Mickey Mouse and Pluto

Image by milacheshire

10: Favorite Song: I Can't Wait To Be King

disney, simba, and lion image

11. Favorite Love Song: A Whole New World

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12. Favorite Villain Song: I Got Friends On The Other Side

disney, disney world, and movie image

13. Second Favorite Song: Beauty And The Beast

disney, beauty and the beast, and belle image

14. Favorite Kiss: Peter Pan and Windy

peter pan, kiss, and love image

15. The First Movie I Saw: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

snow white, disney, and princess image

16: Favorite Classic: Lady And The Tramp

disney, lady and the tramp, and dog image

17: Least Favorite Movie: Pocahontas

disney, pocahontas, and princess image

18. Favorite Pixar Film: Kung Fu Panda

animation, black, and books image

19. Least Favorite Pixar Film: Toy Story

disney and toy story image

20. Favorite Sequel: Lady And The Tramp 2

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21. An Overrated Movie: Toy Story 3

toy story, disney, and toys image

22. An Underrated Movie: The Emperor's New Groove

disney, chibi, and the emperor's new groove image

23. A Movie That Makes Me Laugh: Lilo & Stitch

disney, lilo, and stitch image

24. A Movie That Makes Me Cry: None

25. Favorite Scene: Alice In Wonderland - The Futterwacken Scene

2010, johnny depp, and tim burton image

26. Saddest Death: Bambi's Mum

bambi, blackandwhite, and disney image

27. Favorite Quote: Alice In Wonderland

"I'm not crazy. My reality is just different from yours"
crazy, reality, and smile image

28. Favorite Theme Park: Disney World's Magic Kingdom

castle, cinderella, and disney image
An actual picture I took of the castle

29. Favorite Theme Attraction: Pirates Of The Caribbean

america, california, and details image

30. Favorite Theme Park Show: Disney World's Wishes

disney world, fireworks, and orlando image

Thanks for reading guys! <3