My perfect tea: The Facts

I've mentioned it before, I am very fussy about how my tea is made.
I love tea, but I struggle with ordering it in a café, luckily they allow you to pour the milk, and they give you sugar. However the worst scenario is when someone offers you tea at their house.

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Imagine You visit someone's house and you figure that you could really do with a good 'ol cuppa. The person offers, and you cannot possibly refuse. They proceed to making the tea. You watch as they make it the worse possible way. They put milk in first. They put the wrong amount of sugar, if not they put none in at all, and worse they leave the tea bag to slowly decompose. They hand it to you, what do you do?

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Honestly I cringed a little writing that. So if ever we met I thought I would provide the essential tea instruction guide.

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Step One

The mug, although considered insignificant, the mug may enhance the experience of drinking tea allowing an enjoyable experience. Which basically means: A large handle. No one likes to burn their fingers!

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Step Two

Tea bag in. Preferably, PG tips. I'm strongly against Tetley, I've had bad experiences with Tetley.

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Step Three

Sugar, I like two heaped tea spoons.

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Step Four

Water, I always put loads of water in, this is probably due to my poor hand eye coordination, and I would not suggest doing this, because it means its easy to spill.

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Step Five

Take the tea bag out. I like to "dip and dash" which basically means I don't leave the tea bag in, I like to take it out within five seconds after putting the water in.

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Step Six

Milk. I like it not too milky, but not too strong either. A perfect medium.

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Step Seven

And the tea is complete, we can now engage a proper conversation without me hopelessly sipping my tea in disgust.

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If you make your tea differently, this isn't meant to offend you! I'm intrigued that everyone has different methods